Utley Wants to Get Kids Moving

Blake Utley is all about getting kids moving.
“Movement for kids leads to a better healthier lifestyle and can result in higher test scores,” said Utley.
So he figures if technology is what it takes, then he’s all in.
“That’s the hardest we’ve worked all year,” said FDSH ? McKenzie Cofoot after May DATE P.E. class. Utley agrees.
That day the class was using brand new Interactive Health Technology (IHT) wrist heart rate monitors. The goal is to turn the watch red. That means your heart rate is a 120. Students rotated among stations that included battle ropes, kettle bell squats, jump rope and more.
Utley was able to add the $13,000 with a grant from the Fort Dodge Community Schools Foundation.
“ “ said Sayer Tracey.
When students finish the class they can scan their data and it shows up on the screen.
“See you got to the red, good job,” Utley tells a student.
The instant feedback and ability to track progess are why Utley wanted to add the heart rate monitors to PE class. Plus, he makes it a competition. The student who spends the most time in the red zone, gets to sit out PE one day and watch the rest of his or her classmates sweat it out.
It’s sweating that drives Utley. Since become an FDSH PE coach in 2007, he’s added a ½ marathon class.

By the numbers:
2001 – year graduated from FDSH
100 – students who have completed at least one (many did two) ½ marathon through Utley’s class
1 – Sibling high school all-state and University of Iowa softball player Tammy Utley (FDSH 96’)
2 – kids Name – age Name – age
? hours on a baseball field
? gloves… times beating (big rival?)