How to Apply

The next grant request deadline is November 20, 2020

Dodger Staff – It’s time for Fall Grant Requests! The Foundation is looking forward to reading your requests and helping education in the FDCS. The process will be similar to what we have done in the past but will have a couple of changes:

  • You will not fill out the application online.
  • You will fill out a Microsoft Word document. Type your answers to the questions after the question.
  • If you need a copy of the application, please contact the Foundation.
  • Please work with your building principal while putting together your grant. Building principal’s please review the grant application and submit it to Dr. Ulrich before Friday, November 20th.
  • The grant will be reviewed by Dr. Ulrich and team. Then will be submitted to the Foundation board for our review at our December 2nd meeting.

Our board is excited to help you with your requests. We look forward to reading about the exciting ideas our district employees have. Remember, the request must be submitted to your building principal prior to November 20th. Principals must have them submitted to Dr. Ulrich on November 20th.

If you have any questions please email me or call.

Go Dodgers!


Nik Moser


FDCS Foundation