Gifts to the FDCS Foundation helped Cooper 1st grade teachers add 12 programmable robots to their classrooms. See video here.

“The kids are working together, they have to problem-solve they have to communicate. They also have to learn to fail, which is huge for a lot of these kids."

 Jeanna Gronbach
Cooper Elementary School 1st Grade Teacher

“What I like best about my robot is that we get to do fun stuff together. I programmed my robot to say Mrs. G is the best teacher ever. "

Paige Walstrom
Cooper Elementary School 1st Grade Student

Projects Funded by the Foundation

Fall of 2020

  • $55,000 for Leader in Me – K-12 (

  • $8,700 for Physics & Chemistry supplies and equipment at Senior High

  • $1,500 for Video and Audio equipment to support the Fort Dodge Middle School channel

  • $3,600 for 4 Hydroponic Gardens at the Fort Dodge Middle School

  • $18,858 for Interactive Tech for all four Elementary schools & the Early Childhood Center

  • $7,992 for conference technology for all four Elementary schools

  • $3,400 for Makerspace at the Early Childhood Center

Fall of 2019

  • $700 for Middle School CTE (Career & Technical Ed) Upgrade – Surface Planer

  • $4,200 for Clever and Getting Better – Butler – Interactive TV used for education

  • $55,000 Leader in Me – K-12 (

  • $13,000 for Middle School Wrist Heart Rate Monitors

  • $15,000 for Virtual Reality for Social Emotional Learning & STE at the Middle School 

  • $625 for Makerspace – Robot blocks for Duncombe

  • $1,125 for the Battle of the Books program to be implemented in all elementary schools

  • $1,280 for a Sensory Friendly EC Initiative – Sensory Room for Riverside

  • $1,300 for Building our “Skills” kits at Cooper Elementary

  • $1,800 for Every Voice Matters microphones at Feelhaver

  • $5,000 for a Sensory Room at Butler

  • $2,435 for reading in Spanish & Spanish 2 Classroom literacy library

  •  $1,100 for Hybrid Flipped Classroom materials at the middle school 

Spring of 2019

  • $15,000 for the IJAG program at Senior High (
  • $1,000 for Literacy through Reading at Senior High
  • $600 for Headphones at Senior High
  • $4,950 for Peace corners at Duncombe Elementary
  • $2,863 for Interactive Tech at Feelhaver Elementary
  • $1,500 for a Sensory Path at Feelhaver Elementary
  • $450 for Math Talks at Cooper Elementary

Fall of 2018

  • $6,700 for the Riverside Early Learning Center Outdoor Naturescape Classroom
  • $4,000 for Fort Dodge Senior High (FDSH) Industrial Technology Program metal shop tools
  • $4,272 for magnetic easels for each classroom at Feelhaver Elementary
  • $3,000 for MakerSpace equipment for elementary libraries
  • $2,379 for math resources kits for all 1st grade classrooms
  • $1,703 for a Middle School Sensory Room
  • $1,600 for a Mimeo Projector for a Cooper Elementary 3rd grade classroom
  • $1,085 for a Literacy for Families Program at Butler Elementary
  • $700 for Middle School music instruments
  • $640 for FDSH whiteboard walls
  • $720 for Middle School headphones

Spring of 2018

Fall of 2017

  • $7,092 for English Language Arts books for all 1st grade students
  • $4,600 for Makerspace equipment for the Duncombe Elementary School Library
  • $4,450 for Metalworking Machinery for the Industrial Technology Program at Fort Dodge Senior High
  • $500 for the SMART Program at Butler Elementary School

Spring of 2017

  • $5500 for iPads at Cooper Elementary 1st Grade
  • $15,500 for Chromebooks and carts for Butler Elementary 3rd Grade
  • $4700 for Chromebooks and carts for Butler Elementary 1st Grade
  • $3700 for iPads for Cooper Elementary Kindergarten

The next round of grant requests are due November 20, 2020.

You can find the Fort Dodge Community Schools Foundation online grant application form, here.

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