The mission of the Fort Dodge Community Schools (FDCS) Foundation is to help educators and students go above and beyond what district funding allows with grants for professional development, technology and other educational items.


  • To support educational programs and services in the Fort Dodge Community School District by providing funds not available through local, state or federal programs.
  • To obtain funding from donors to support the District’s mission and strategic plan.
  • To ensure the perpetuity of the FDCS Foundation by establishing an endowment and utilizing prudent fiscal policy.
  • To involve the community and alumni in support of quality education.

Benefits of Foundation Funding

  • Enhancing the education experience for students and educators.
  • Investing in the future of our students and their contributions to society.
  • Giving educators the opportunity to “think big” and add resources or programs to their classrooms that can’t be funded by the district.
  • The money raised remains in the community to support education preschool-12.
  • Allow the Fort Dodge Community School District to add resources that set it apart from the competition and help make Fort Dodge one of the best places in Iowa to live, work and get an education!


In 1985, the FDCS Foundation was created to meet the needs of students and faculty. With the support of generous donors the foundation’s resources have been able to grow and contribute to the Fort Dodge Community School District.

The  FDCS Foundation is run by a board of volunteers (hyperlink board)  and a full-time Director (hyperlink director bio).

Since 2011, the FDCS Foundation has granted more than $333,000 to enhance the education experience for students. Click here (link to grants impact page) to learn more about the impact of the FDCS Foundation on students and educators.

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