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FDCS Foundation Funded Projects 0 February 26, 2019

Fort Dodge Middle School Uses Foundation Grant to Add a Sensory Room 

Sensory Room helps meet social and emotional needs of students.

Gifts to the Fort Dodge Community Schools Foundation helped add a Sensory Room to the Fort Dodge Middle School.

“Social and emotional learning is one of the highest priorities that we have now," said Fort Dodge Middle School At-Risk Instructor Katie Moser.

Moser said the Sensory Room is place where students can go to work through their emotions or deescalate before returning to the classroom.

The Sensory Room has tactile objects such as cubes, fidgets, play dough and stress balls. There is also a yoga mat for students to stretch out on and a tent they can sit in if they need a break from what’s going on around them.

“We want to help treat children with social and emotional needs," said Moser.

She said middle school students sometimes have trouble working through stress, peer pressure and other emotions. The Sensory Room is a safe space to work through emotions and talk to an adult about managing stress, according to Moser.

Moser is grateful for the donations that helped add the Sensory Room to the Fort Dodge Middle School.

“To the donors who made this possible, I have to say thank you so much for making our middle school a priority," said Moser.

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